From the moment we cradle our children in our arms for the first time, we take photographs of them. When they are first born, their itsy bitsy noses, tiny toes, and curled lips fascinate us. It’s almost instinctual to try to preserve the moments of their childhood through pictures. In what seems like a blink of an eye, these little newborns become chubby babies, then running toddlers, and then go off to school. Those photographs become some of the most treasured items that your children will take with them throughout their lives, creating a value to them that is priceless. The snapshots that your family take will be so important for preserving your legacy and your memories. And then there are the images of your family that you DREAM of, that you may not be able to get on your own. What are those? That is what I am driven to capture for you! It brings me immense joy to be able to take the professional talent and skills I’ve been honing for many years, and apply them to helping families preserve these special moments in ways that they often have trouble doing themselves.

Thank you for reading this. It feels so good to have put that all down on paper, as it feels VERY authentic to me.

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I realized that it’s been many moons since my last post.  I have so many amazing images over the past few months that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys, but somehow I’ve managed to ignore my blog.  My apologies. I plan to post some of the images in the coming days/weeks.  Also, be on the lookout the next few days, as I’m going to be sharing about a great event I photographed yesterday in Los Angeles called the Big City Moms — Biggest Baby Shower Ever.  There were celebrities like Jessica Alba, Ali Landry and others.  It was so much fun!  For today, though, I’d like to leave with an image of “a sweet little pea”.

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Anya Coleman: So sweet! Beautiful work Susane.

I’ve been meaning to blog this session for a while.  This little guy grew so much between his newborn and 3 month session.  His family is so beautiful and sweet.  And look at his beautiful big sister!  She did such a good job cuddling her brother on cue for the photos!

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david {happy hearts photography}: cuties! big sis did do well, not always such an easy thing!

This little girl was accompanied by her sweet mother and grandmother.  Isn’t Baby V adorable in her pink sweater and summery dress?  This day, V was somewhat serious, but we managed to coax out several wonderful smiles as well.  I love being able to get both serious, soulful images and fun, lighthearted portraits in each session.

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amber: LOVE the colors in these, these portraits will look lovely on the walls!

Amber: She is adorable!! Love your colors here!

Rowena: What a cutie pie!! Lovely portraits!

kel ward: Oh, she is a cutie!!

Danielle McCarty: What a cute session, she is so precious!

Azure: Awwww, she is precious!

Brandi-lee: She has the sweetest face, love that last shot especially!

Kelly Mack: Such a cutie! Love the outfit and the balloons. The colors at wonderful!

Julie Wagoner: What a cute baby girl! I love all the bright colors in her adorable dress.

Leiba: So sweet and such a pretty girl! Great job!

Liz: Oh, she is just too cute for words. Love her! Great session!

amy: what a sweetheart that last image is adorable

I was looking through my files and remembered that I wanted to blog about this session.  Meet Baby R.  His mom and dad are just the sweetest.  They were so relaxed during the session–which made my job a breeze.  And just from the few hours I spent with this family I could feel their love and how much this little boy means to them.

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amber: Oh that wide awake smile is to die for, beautiful work susan!

kel ward: So expressive already! Love these!

Danielle McCarty: Oh so sweet, what a little cutie. :)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing mothers out there.  It’s the hardest job out there, but the most rewarding–really!

This beautiful little girl’s grandfather has been taking care of our children’s health since they were born, so this family has a special place in my heart.  It was an honor to photograph her.  Does she not have the most beautiful hair?  Her parents and brother are such lovely, relaxed and sweet people. So without further ado, meet Baby E.

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ashley: Beautiful session, Susan! Love:)

Laura Morita-Yeun: what a sweetie! Great session, Susan.

Anya: So lovely!

kel ward: These are all adorable, but that 4th one is my favorite!

Meet Baby L.  This little was such a good little guy.  He was one of the longest newborns I think I’ve photographed.  It’s so strange referring to someone’s length instead of how tall they are, but I guess it makes sense since they can’t stand yet at this age.  It will be interesting to see how tall he gets when he’s older.

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ashley: Beautiful session, Laura. Love the first one especially.

kel ward: Look at that smile! And that b&w is gorgeous!

I had such a fun time photographing this little guy, and meeting his parents.  His parents were so relaxed and fun, that you would never guess that this was only their second child.  With all of the beautiful teals, blues and textures, I was in heaven finding places to photograph him.  And did you notice how adorable his sister is as well?  I’m sure they are enjoying their new little bundle of joy and his sister on this Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to see their images on their walls.

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Kristin: Sweetness! I absolutely love that shot of big sister kissing the baby. Sigh.

Laura: Beautiful family/baby session! The one of the family together is perfect! Love it!

Tori Piercy: Awwww what a sweet baby! Gorgeous family too! You did a great job!

Kate Craft: So sweet. Great job.

Kari Wright: What a beautiful family! Great job capturing their special moment.

Clarice: What a sweet little peanut! Wonderful job in capturing this moment for them!

Rowena: So lovely!! Beautiful work Susan! Gorgoues family too!!

ashley: wonderful session! I know the family must absolutely love them! Beautiful:)

Dawn Kitley: Lovely work, Susan! Awesome job!

Meet T.  I had the pleasure of photographing her as she anticipates the birth of her baby.  She was just a joy to photograph.  I also got to photograph her husband and her other baby–her dog.  Their dog was so funny during our session.  Let’s just say that I think he might have a future in “posing” in front of the camera.  I’m looking forward to photographing her little one after his arrival.

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Dezarae: Beautiful! Love the simplicity of these!

Melissa: What a gorgeous family! She is just glowing and you captured it perfectly! And that is going to be one GORGEOUS baby!!! can't wait to see the newborn portraits!

desi: she's really beautiful. LOVE the last one!

Holly Olsen: Absolutely beautiful! The first one is just perfect!

Meet Baby B.  Isn’t she beautiful? And look at her soft, beautiful full head of hair!  This little girl’s family is also just so beautiful and so sweet.  It was such a pleasure spending time with them to capture this amazing time in their lives.  By the way, one of my favorite things to see is when families display their images in their home.  This family has such a colorful display of images that they see everyday as they walk around their house.  It really warms my heart to know how valued family portraits are.

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Kelsey: Beautiful baby! Lovely portraits!

kel ward: What a cute baby! You did such a great job capturing the little details. I love the hairy of my babies was just like that!!

Krissy Allori: Born with a full head a hair! I love it!!! Gorgeous pics.

natalie lawson: look at that sweet sweet baby! she is so precious! GREAT JOB!

Tori Piercy: Awww what a gorgeous baby! Good job!!

Fabiana: What a gorgeous head of hair!!! She is darling. Beautiful photos.

Azure: She is GORGEOUS! Beautiful work, Susan!

Laura Morita-Yeun: Oh! So much hair! What a sweetie!

Deirdre Dunham: That head of dark hair is just to die for - great job on these, Susan!

Kathleen: I love the light airy feel of these. Beautiful.

Julie Wagoner: Oh, that hair! She is so gorgeous and you've captured her beautifully!

desi: oh be still my heart! love these ♥

Kelly Mack: She is beautiful! I think number 2 is my fave but its hard to choose. bet Mum will adore these.

ashley: Beautiful! Great work, lady!

Meet Baby R.  He is such a lucky little one, as his parents are so sweet.  I think these portraits speak for themselves. Can’t you just see the love they have for each other?  An look at how cute Baby R is–and that hair…  What a beautiful family!

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Kara Layfield: Such a sweet baby!! I love the storyboard...would be lovely in the nursery!!

Liz: Look at all that hair! Love these!! Beautiful work.

Liat Biderovsky: These are lovely - mum and dad are going to be so happy.

Rowena: Very sweet! What a cute baby!

Kelly Mack: Look at that hair! Beautiful work!

ashley: Beautiful images, Susan. They are all wonderful:)

kel ward: These are gorgeous! I love all the little details that you have captured (like the hair on the of my babies had that too!). Excellent job!

Kelsey: Awe what a precious little one! Love the photographs with the parents. Great Photography!

Anelle: Awwww! Gorgeous!

Karen: He's just adorable! Lovely images, Susan!

kel ward: These are beautiful!